Clothes Closet Ministry


1st & 4th MONDAY — 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
3rd TUESDAY — 10:00 am – 11:30 am


Emergency Needs
Church Office 301 271-4511
Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Our Current Needs: Men’s size small clothing


The Clothes Closet Committee is still seeking anyone interested in joining us! We meet on the first Wednesday evening of the month. Each position on the committee is vital to keeping the Clothes Closet running which means we help each other out! Without everyone working together, this ministry would not happen. Our current open positions are Receiving Coordinator and Special Events Coordinator. So, what will you be doing?

  1. Receiving Coordinator – All of the clothing we offer is through donations we receive. The Receiving Coordinator’s primary responsibility is making sure the donation bin gets emptied in a timely manner to avoid overflow and allow our sorters to operate efficiently. Does this mean YOU have to empty the bin all the time? Nope – just make sure you can coordinate volunteers to help you out. Additional duties include handling special requests from people in need of certain items as well as helping with special events throughout the year.
  2. Special Events Coordinator – We are much more than clothing! The Clothes Closet has events throughout the year for additional community contribution as well as hosting events for our church family. You will be in charge of organizing these events. Don’t worry, we all work together to make these events happen. The big event is the Christmas Open house and some of our smaller events are the Fashion Show Potluck and appreciation lunches/dinners.

Last month, a fire in Frederick destroyed a row of townhomes and displaced 7 families. The Clothes Closet was contacted by the Red Cross and asked to help provide clothing and household items to these families. We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to assist so many families in a time of need. Please keep everyone affected by this fire in your prayers.

The Clothes Closet will continue collecting empty medicine pill bottles year-round for Samaritan’s purse. Please be sure to remove all labels from any medication bottles and place bottles in bags. Last month, we shipped 11 pounds of bottles – thank you for your continued donations.

3 thoughts on “Clothes Closet Ministry

  1. Brian Carren says:

    Hi, I am a member of the local Lions Club and run the CHS Leo’s Club. The CHS students had a fall \ winter coat drive and would like to donate the items collected in the drive to the Clothes Closet. I will bring the items to your location on Monday at 8:00 am . Brian Carren.

  2. need to know about clothes donations to you. how do I do it?

    • Stephen Ness says:

      We have a drop off bin at our church located at 13880 Long Road, Thurmont, MD.

      The bin is attached to the side of the garage between the church building and the Clothes Closet building.

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