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A message from the Youth Group Leader:

Hello Church Family,

Fall is among us.  It is my favorite season of the year.  How about you?  God’s beautiful colors and creation are all around us!  Go out and enjoy the beauty, you will not be sorry.  The Youth Group just went on a Spiritual hike in the Mountains from Camp Airy to Thurmont Vista and back followed by a lunch. WOW is all I can say.  It was a small group, but we had excellent weather and God’s beauty was breathtaking.  Special Thanks to Lay Leader Tim Olsen for his leadership and spiritual guidance in this event.

Gospel of John update: Who is Jesus?  Jesus is the Word, the True Light, God in the flesh, full of grace and the truth!   The Youth Group are well on their journey studying the entire Gospel of John and I feel it is going very well.  I encourage your children to attend routinely so they can follow along as we work together studying the Gospel of John.  If they didn’t have time to complete the work, it’s okay we still want them to attend because we will go over it in class.  Every little nugget they receive is better than none!  Again, like I said before we will take it slow and have reviews as needed to ensure we cover the material.  There is no timeline for completion, we will get done when we get done.  There will also be one break a month for special guests, special faith-based events and service work projects.  PARENTS please make sure the youth remember to bring their material for class.

GOD and LIFE program update:  This program has finished, and we have three (3) young adults that have successfully completed the program.  A brief presentation will occur sometime in November/December prior to the 1030 service to acknowledge the graduates on their achievements and present them with certificates and award pins.

GOD and CHURCH program updateThis program started for grades 6 thru 8 on Oct 7th and we are under full swing with two (2) weeks completed.  We have three (3) enthusiastic youth participating in this program.

The development to enrich our young adult’s faith, help develop and/or excel team skills and make new friendships is the goal of me and my wife.  Catch all the updates on the Youth Group bulletin board.  Additional pictures will be posted from recent events shortly.

Upcoming Events!!

February 23rd – Thurmont Youth Tubing Together



Remember to be safe and keep God first in everything you do!  To God be the Glory!

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